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Top 7 Tools That Will Save Your Time and Money

Updated: Jul 17

Looking for ways to improve your social media marketing? Check out these 7 must-have tools!

person showing the Top 7 Tools That Will Save You Time and Money

1. VN Editor

showing the logo of VN

VN Editor is a versatile video editing application that provides users with a wide range of features to create and edit videos. With VN Editor, you can incorporate text, music, transitions, and filters to enhance your videos. It has gained popularity as an app for creating short-form videos specifically tailored for social media platforms.

2. Capcut:

showing the logo of Capcut

Capcut is a popular video editing app that bears similarities to VN Editor. It offers a diverse set of features, including templates, stickers, and text effects, enabling users to create engaging videos suitable for social media platforms. Capcut's intuitive interface and functionality make it an excellent choice for crafting short and captivating videos.

3. Canva:

showing the logo of Canva

Canva is a comprehensive graphic design app that empowers users to create various visual content such as presentations, social media graphics, and flyers. With a vast library of templates and assets, Canva streamlines the design process, allowing individuals without design expertise to produce professional-looking designs. Its versatility and user-friendly nature make it a go-to tool for many design needs.

4. Meta Business Suite:

showing the logo of Meta business suite

Meta Business Suite is a collection of tools designed to assist businesses in managing their Facebook and Instagram pages effectively. It encompasses features for creating and scheduling posts, tracking analytics, and managing advertisements. By leveraging Meta Business Suite, businesses can optimize their Facebook and Instagram presence, enhancing their social media marketing efforts.

5. Freepic:

showing the logo of freepic

Freepic is a website that offers an extensive selection of free stock photos, vectors, and illustrations. These high-quality images can be utilized for personal or commercial projects. With Freepic, users have access to a diverse range of visual assets to enhance their creative projects without worrying about licensing or cost implications.

6. Calendly:

showing the logo of Celendly

Calendly is a user-friendly scheduling application designed to facilitate appointment booking for businesses. It provides a range of features, including customizable booking forms, automated reminders, and analytics tracking. Calendly streamlines the appointment-setting process, making it convenient for businesses to manage their schedules and ensure a seamless booking experience for their customers.

7. Znaplink:

showing the logo of Znaplink

Znaplink is a link-in-bio app that empowers businesses to create a dedicated landing page for their Instagram bio. This page can be utilized to promote products, services, or events, driving traffic from Instagram to the desired website or landing page. Znaplink serves as an effective tool for businesses aiming to maximize their online presence and engage with their Instagram audience more effectively.


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